Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

So since I’ve been in bed pretty much for 12 days straight our seven month picture is of Grayson and I is in our pj’s. I thought it would be cute to have him in his Christmas jammies anyway since he turned seven months in December (yes I’m fully aware how late this is but better late than never right)

Oh man words just don’t describe how much more we fall in love with this little guy every day. He’s getting to be so curious about everything and we’ve even had our first “no” with him (many, many, many more to come I know) We are so blessed by him.

Yes you see that right, he fell off the bed. He wasn’t mobile and I left just for a minute (isn’t that how it always happens!?) I have never been so scared, but as soon as I picked him up he was fine. I played doctor to make sure nothing was hurt and he was good to go. This boy has had strong legs since birth! I’m not surprised that for the past month (even sooner really) he’s lifted himself up to standing. Now he’ll even move from toy to couch to ottoman. It’s crazy. I’m not ready for him to be so mobile!

I know there aren’t much in the way of updates this month and that’s probably because I haven’t kept track very good. I’m still not 100% feeling better so this will just have to do :)

Have a great Tuesday! 7 months


3 thoughts on “Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

  1. Grayson and those toes of his!! I seriously love every picture you’ve posted in these updates, they truly capture the month and the stage he’s at. And I love that you’re wearing jammies. :)

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  3. Pingback: Grayson :: Monthly Achievements | J. Rose Photography

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