Murrieta Family Photography :: the Highly and the Greens

As I’ve already mentioned before that the last two weeks I have been under (way under) the weather, but fortunately for me one of the days I wasn’t feeling so horrible and I was able to meet the Highly and the Green family. I couldn’t have been more lucky. Rachael was referred to me because Andrea gave them a gift card, so thank you A! Both of these families are absolutely wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them over the past few weeks.
They also happen to be just the cutest ever, I had so much fun!
Look at all of these beautiful kids!
murrietafamilyphotography_713 murrietafamilyphotography_717 murrietafamilyphotography_739 murrietafamilyphotography_760 murrietafamilyphotography_840 murrietafamilyphotography_765 murrietafamilyphotography_820murrietafamilyphotography_796The big group all togethermurrietafamilyphotography_777
The Highly’s
murrietafamilyphotography_874This one might be my favorite
murrietafamilyphotography_864murrietafamilyphotography_909The Green familymurrietafamilyphotography_885 murrietafamilyphotography_892


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