Menifee Child Photography :: Lyla + Tristin

menifeechildphotography_3891Lyla.. Beautiful I know…
I understand with the Zagone babies being the first twins I’ve ever photographed I have no right to say this but..
they are my most favorite twins EVER!
I’m not sure if you can get much cuter than these two. And so so sweet.
I am so excited I get to watch them grow and be a part of capturing sweet memories.
I just love these next two of Tristin. Let your personality shine little buddy!
menifeechildphotography_3896 menifeechildphotography_3914Look at those big brothers holding on so proudly to their babies. menifeechildphotography_3943 menifeechildphotography_3962 menifeechildphotography_4035Absolute favorite of Lyla
menifeechildphotography_4045Sweet, sweet babiesmenifeechildphotography_4053 menifeechildphotography_4074Hands down my favorite of Tristin
menifeechildphotography_4097Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking me mommy and daddy Zagone. I’m honored.

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