Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

Oh man this month has been a whirlwind that is for sure! With being sick in bed for two weeks and having it linger on a week after, it definitely hasn’t been the funnest month I’ve ever had. At the same time it is sort of the most exciting month of Grayson’s eight months. He started crawling! You would think being mobile would make him a little curious George, but he still likes to being attached to my pant leg more than half the time. When I am trying to get things done it can be a hard thing but at the end of the day I think about how this time will only last for so long. I’ve rocked my baby to sleep more lately than I ever have because I know how much things change and at a rapid pace. I think he hit a little growth spurt over the last two months two, he gained almost two and a half pounds since his six month appointment and grew about three inches!! He had his first little cold, we tried to separate myself from him as much as humanly possible (I had a throat infection turned Bronchitis) and on New Years Eve we spent a little time at Scott’s parents and wouldn’t you know Grayson got a cold from his cousin! Nothing bad at all, just kinda funny because we did such a good job keeping him away from me so he didn’t get sick. A few times it was rough but only because I felt so so horrible myself. There were times I thought I would never get better! I would get so frustrated because of how bad I felt and then take that frustration out on my little bug. Definitely not my shining moments as a mommy. Thankful that’s over.

And then.. his tantrum, oh his tantrum. He’s never thrown a tantrum at home but he decided to make his debut in JoAnn’s.
Let me just set up the scenario for you. It was around 6:15 when we got there (mind you this baby goes to bed at 7:00) I had just enough snacks to get us through a quick stop at JoAnn’s.
So as I was handing them out sparsely I decided to spill almost all of them!!! Good job mom. There went that idea. So then I’m handing him items I’ve shopped that I knew would be okay for him to put in his mouth (all germs aside at this point) A spool of thread.. That was his favorite.. Apparently. Because when I was getting ready and separating my order (I was also shopping for our upcoming church baby shower) and I took away that spool. Ooooooh bad idea. He screamed! And cried! Oh wow.

I will not leave the store because my child is screaming because I feel like it teaches them to scream and they’ll get to leave.
But I also do not want to torture the surrounding shoppers. So I frantically tried to find something else he could have. Something of his. Because I also don’t want to give him back the thread because I think that also teaches him to cry and get what he wants. I grabbed his pacifier and I’m pretty sure he hucked that thing back at me.
My mom then gave him a Tylenol bottle (I don’t know if that was the best safety move Nana) but it worked. Not a toy of his, but I think at that point I stopped thinking about “teaching” him
Honestly I think the crying lasted like 20 or 30 seconds, but boy.. that was about the longest seconds in my life. Some of you might think I’m going overboard in my “thinking” about every little move I make in this situation. But, well.. it’s the only way I know how to do it. So we’re going with it. Parenting is hard sometimes. (Go ahead and laugh, I know he’s only eight months old) But still.. The decisions you make from the moment they are born can affect the way they are for the rest of their life.

But being a parent. Whether it’s hard or not. Completely worth it.8 months

Oh and I almost forgot about momma’s monthly achievement. I’ve now learned to get things done with a small child attached to my leg.
Things like doing dishes, (writing blog posts) going to the bathroom! You know, the simple things..

Whoa that was sort of a rambling for a monthly update. But like I mentioned at the beginning, this was a hectic month! Ha!
I love my son. I love my life.


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