Menifee Maternity Photography :: Kelley

menifeematernityphotography_3389These are just the most adorable mama-son maternity photos.
Parker is so sweet.
I had to practically drag Kelley by the ear to get her in here for these but I’m so glad she came.
I’ve only known her since she’s had Parker and so it’s always been all boy all the time!
It was really fun to have her in pink this time.
menifeematernityphotography_3447 menifeematernityphotography_3489 menifeematernityphotography_3498 menifeematernityphotography_3538I saved my favorite for last!
menifeematernityphotography_3509We’ve talked about doing a newborn session in her adorable nursery,
or possibly some here in the studio.
Whatever they decide to do I can’t wait to meet the little princess!
Congratulations Shawn and Kelley on your beautiful baby girl.


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