Los Angeles Engagement :: Allan + Kathleen

losangelesengagement_4201As I mentioned the other day, I shot Allan and Kathleen’s engagement photos at the Griffith Observatory
It was a beautiful day, we couldn’t have asked for more.
Before I even start to talk about this day, let me talk about some other days.
BA. Before Allan.
(I’m already crying and I haven’t even typed anything yet)
Kathleen was that person for me.
That person that when I was angry at the world, at the people in it.
She would be angry with me.
When I said a cuss word out of anger or bitterness (in my head)
I told Kathleen. She said one too.
I wanted a baby so badly, I wanted life to be fair.. Just once
As much as Kathleen would say she didn’t want that special someone to marry.
I knew she did. She didn’t have to pretend with me.
I wanted so badly for life to be fair for Kathleen too.
We knew God would provide. For the both of us.
And He has.
Over a year ago she met Allan.
I knew from the moment she talked about him, he was it.
Even though she may not have.
He loves Jesus, and absolutely adores Kathleen.
He is the kindest, sweetest, most perfect man in the world for her.
All I ever wanted for her was for her to feel love.
The love that makes you want to spend the rest of your life together.
That is Allan for Kathleen. In every way.losangelesengagement_4199 losangelesengagement_4206 losangelesengagement_4213 losangelesengagement_4225 losangelesengagement_4258 losangelesengagement_4280 losangelesengagement_4290losangelesengagement_4240losangelesengagement_4356 losangelesengagement_4318Will there be a more beautiful bride than Kathleen EVER? I’m not so sure.losangelesengagement_4401 losangelesengagement_4396 losangelesengagement_4399 losangelesengagement_4423 losangelesengagement_4427I love seeing you two together with my whole heart.
I pray your marriage is blessed and I cannot wait to be there to see you become husband and wife.
Thank you Kathleen for always inspiring me, for never changing
and for loving me as I am. (and for not judging my bitter mind-cursing)
Allan, thank you for being you and for making Kathleen believe in love


One thought on “Los Angeles Engagement :: Allan + Kathleen

  1. Baaahaaaaaa… morning cries are just the best. Lovely photos Jess!!! I can not even choose a favorite as I have like 5! haha love the photos, love you, love the future Wheelers!

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