Perris Family Photography :: the Parry family

As much as I love my clients who come to see me every three months,
I also love when someone calls me that I haven’t seen in a while.
It’s so fun to catch up,
and crazy to see how much the kids have grown.
The last time I photographed the PARRY FAMILY,
there was only one little Parry.
Now there are two!
Colton is their second son who is five and a half months old.
He seriously couldn’t be any cuter! Just look at those eyes..
perrisfamilyphotography_3757Those are a workin man’s boots right there..perrisfamilyphotography_3770I don’t know about you but those eyes have me smitten.
perrisfamilyphotography_3771This is their first cutie, Austin. My oh my has he grown and turned into a lovely little man.
perrisfamilyphotography_3789Is Austin laughing at me, or scared of me? We’ll go with laughing.. I love this
perrisfamilyphotography_3793 perrisfamilyphotography_3808My favorite
perrisfamilyphotography_3828 perrisfamilyphotography_3863Just like daddyperrisfamilyphotography_3898So so fun! It was great to see you guys.


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