Lake Elsinore Maternity :: Mandi Spottsville

lakeelsinorematernity_503Mandi, oh Mandi.
It has been so so much fun getting to know you over the last few months.
I love that I haven’t known you long
but I can tell you that you’re the most picky person I’ve ever met,
(Yes friends, you think I’m picky. This girl has me beat.)
I love that we share a passion for photography,
and that we both live for Jesus, our husbands and our babies.
I love that you entrust your precious memories with little ol’ me.
I love that we’re friends.
lakeelsinorematernity_339 lakeelsinorematernity_348 lakeelsinorematernity_370lakeelsinorematernity_377My other favorite
lakeelsinorematernity_392I think this one is so sweet, I just love it
lakeelsinorematernity_466Now, my most favorite belly shot..lakeelsinorematernity_492lakeelsinorematernity_506I’m so excited to meet baby girl #2!
Hurry up and have her already ;)
xoxo, j.


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