A tangent + my little Valentine

When you get married, people immediately start asking about kids.
Do you want kids?
When are you having kids?
How many kids do you want?
When are you having kids?
Oh and when are you having kids?
(although once you have a miscarriage or two, the questions kinda stop)
Where on earth am I going with this?
Focus Jess, focus.

Kids and the love.
For as long as I can remember,
people have said one consistent thing about having babies,
it’s the fact that you do not truly know what love is until you have a baby.
That fact is so very true. I know it to be truer than any other fact I’ve heard.
Your heart becomes so big and so overfilled with love,
sometimes I think it might burst.

I do wonder if my deep appreciation for my son comes from losing two babies.
I’ve been thinking about it since that school shooting tragedy happened,
I prayed (and still pray) constantly for those families.
But I heard over and over throughout the few days after it from some that are mommies
“I held my baby all day that day” or “I hugged them all day long that day”
I was kind of troubled because it didn’t affect me the same way.
At first I thought something was wrong with me,
Then I started thinking, I don’t need to hear about something so awful,
to make me hug and kiss Grayson more.
He is loved, hugged and kissed so much it’s probably ridiculous.
It’s not like I’m saying I love him more.
I just think when you go through a trial like we did,
you can’t help but appreciate the gift even more than you would have if it came easy.
Does that make sense?
With that being said, (end tangent now) no matter what you’ve gone or not gone through,
I believe that one fact does remain,
When you meet your baby even just the first time,
That love, the one everybody tells you about. You get it at that moment.
I encourage you to try it out, (having a baby that is) you’ll be hooked.

Now, speaking of love…
it’s Valentine’s Day!!
I decided to strip down my little munchkin to his bare bottom,
well because he’s almost to the age where that’s just not allowed any longer.
(I asked my other Valentine to strip down to his bottom too
but he wouldn’t get in front of the camera)
I hung a backdrop and a banner, gave him a kiss
and lights, camera, action!!
This is what I got.. IMG_4937IMG_4968IMG_4954And now.. because of course I can’t only post three, here are a few bloopers..
This one makes me laugh because he sometimes does this when he laughs, squeezes his eyes closed on purpose.
He’s so funny.
IMG_4936Blurry but hilarious IMG_4958IMG_4960IMG_4914One last cute one and I’m done.. Look at those lips, they are the most precious little lips!
Perfect for a Valentine’s kiss for his momma.IMG_4934Don’t worry I know that I’m obsessed.
I would apologize for that buuuut, you already know that and still choose to visit today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I hope this day is extra special for you and those you love.
xoxo, j.

One thought on “A tangent + my little Valentine

  1. I can only imagine how you feel and know that it is a billion time more than the love I feel toward your son as well! Loving all these nephews on mine make me that much more excited for my own little ones! Happy Valentine’s Williams family! <3

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