Blonde or Brunette?

Raise your hand if you change your mind a lot!
Or maybe get bored easily?
Or like it new, frequently.
That’s probably why you notice I’ll have blonde hair..
Then go dark… Then back to blonde.
All within a year.
I’ve had more cars in ten years,
then some in their whole life.
(not proud of this one, could have saved a lot of money if I hadn’t!)

Not that you need any but here’s proof I get tired of things. IMG_5098

I’m not saying it’s a good thing,
My good friend Sam probably thinks it’s a little annoying.
Why does Sam care if I get bored easily?
Well I’ve sort of claimed her as my graphic designer,
and 95% of what she has ever done for has been out of love.
I’ve only paid her like twice.
Do you know how blessed I am to know her?
Super duper blessed.

Why do I bring this and Sam up in the same sentence?
Because I think my website is in need of a re-vamp!
(You can blame CreativeLive for this one, got me pumped)
I need something new and fresh.
Clean it up a bit.
Are you cringing yet Sammi?
By the way friends, should I go back to blonde? (hehe)

Basically my mind is going a million miles an hour,
but you know (if your a mommy especially) that just because you want to get something done
doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the time, or can get it done.
I think I need one day of uninterrupted time at my computer to brainstorm,
and work out new website details.
When or if that will happen is another story, but that’s okay.
I love my son, and my life all the same.

 Also, if you need a graphic designer,
head over to her blog.
She can do ANY type of invite (bridal or baby shower, wedding, birthday)
Definitely a woman of many invites right there.
She’s also opening up an Etsy shop soon so when she has that all ready to go,
I’ll give that link too!
So go check her out, tell her I sent you,
maybe she’ll keep doing things for me with a payment of love.IMG_3251(Grayson’s birth announcement she designed for us, I couldn’t love it any more!)


One thought on “Blonde or Brunette?

  1. Oh my goodness… at the start of this post I had no idea how much I was involved in it! ha! I am definitely not cringing but smiling—and laughing—at your little monologue! Love you, Jess! Excited for things to come!

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