Our day in LA

IMG_5142My mom and I look for any excuse to make a pit stop at the garment district in LA,
my brother flying into LAX gave us a perfect opportunity.
The boys (as in my dad and Grayson) tagged along as well.
We were very happy to have them there with us.

It was kinda of my first big outing with Grayson being older, and needing more stuff.
It was somewhat nerve racking.
Luckily I didn’t forget anything.
Oh man except I did lose his cute little shoe!
I went back in every store we had been in but I couldn’t find it. Such a bummer.
I’m a very organized (OCD) person, I felt very unorganized that day.
Within a matter of two hours I lost a shoe,
couldn’t find my bank card,
and thought I left my phone in the airport bathroom.
First time I’ve ran since I’ve been pregnant!
Although it was fun to run through an airport… I’ve always wanted to do that.
but we didn’t get lost once! (Thank goodness for little Miss iPhone GPS)
All in all in was a great day.IMG_5129 IMG_5130

IMG_5132My tired boyIMG_5133-bG’s cute little monkey backpack (SkipHop at Target, $20 bucks!) It was perfect for this trip.IMG_5139 IMG_5142It’s crazy how different the lifestyle is in LA than from where we live,
just driving into the city you can already tell.
I do like visiting, but I could never live there.IMG_5143My little monkeyIMG_5148-bSuccessful little outing we had, Grayson did great!
I went looking for some fabric to help inspire how I’m going to decorate for his birthday, found it!
I even snagged what might be my favorite pair of sunglasses ever, for $5!
JD made it home cranky safely.
Can’t wait for more fun trips with my family I love so dearly.


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