Our nice day together

We are going to be moving shortly (very shortly but more on that another time)
And we will be in a crowded house when we do.
So it was special for us to be able to spend Valentine’s day just the three of us.
I know there are a lot of things that Grayson doesn’t understand yet.
But I don’t want that to stop us from doing them,
I think it’s important to get into a habit of doing things as a family even while he’s young.
We need to do more things like this,
Getting outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.
Maybe in this next chapter of our life we will be able to.

That’s exactly what we did on Thursday.
We got Grayson a little gift but nothing between Scott and I.
So we decided to go get lunch.
After G woke up from his morning nap we headed out.
The Pat and Oscars restaurant near us has a duck pond.
It was a perfect day to introduce Grayson to some duckies.
We sat on their patio and had a great lunch,
Grayson even flashed his sweet smile to a granny sitting at the next table. It was cute.

Then we headed down to the pond.
He wasn’t too sure about all those birds..
IMG_5103Appartenly they weren’t sure about him either,
one of those punks snipped at his finger!! Poor guy
IMG_5104IMG_5106IMG_5111IMG_5112 IMG_5113They have this memorial at the park too,
it is definitely picture-worthy.
We are a blessed country.
IMG_5120Grayson wanted a piggy back ride from Mr. SoldierIMG_5124What a fun day
What a great life.

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