Caps for sale

IMG_5126Okay so this might sound weird,
I don’t have like a million childhood memories.
Not because I didn’t have an amazing childhood,
probably more because I just don’t remember things in general.
(if you ask me to retell you a conversation I had just two days ago, forget it!)
Plus some of the memories I do have,
according to certain people I don’t remember them correctly.

But one of the great memories I do have
is my dad reading the book Caps for Sale to us.
It has been over 20 years and I can remember it exactly.
He was so animated about it.
When I saw this book on the shelf,
I don’t remember exactly what the story is about.
I only remember my dad,
with all of this caps on his head.

There was no way I was leaving the store without this book.
I was looking for a little Valentine’s gift for Grayson anyway.
I can’t wait until he’s old enough to understand when my dad reads it to him.
He will love it, just like I did. IMG_5125 IMG_5128In case anyone is wondering we are just about moved out of our house
We slept in our new “room” last night.
I couldn’t sleep most of the night, I was homesick
We had Grayson in with us and all cuddled most of the night.
That part I loved.
We have a ton of organizing to do, a TON.
Scott is at the house now cleaning it and making it presentable.
While I am a little sad, I’m mostly excited for our newest adventure,
this next chapter, and in the end it’s all going to be well worth it.

Have a great day!


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