Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

Nine months, that’s just crazy talk. He’s going to be a year in like three months! I can remember the ache to meet my little baby, and now I feel like he’s minutes away from driving (okay more like walking, but still) Okay enough of that. This ninth month has been very eventful, a lot is changing with Mr. Grayson.

One of the biggest is getting rid of his pacifier, luckily he was never really attached to it for more than his sleep, and occasionally in the car when he was annoyed. So it took one nap of him crying it out to be okay for the naps, and then a week or two of him napping without it made him pretty uninterested even at night. I thought maybe that was attributing to the fact that he keeps waking up a couple times a night (as I complained about a while back) buut that didn’t help. Although him not using a pacifier has completely helped his naps, he takes naps at least double the length that he would before. Win in my book.

His little high fives are cute, they aren’t the most solid high fives ever but I think the fact the he puts his hands to mine is an achievement. He also knows how to find his ball, his buddy Woody and even his momma. If they are in the room and you ask him “Where’s the ball?” He’ll look around until he spots it. So cute!

The fake laugh, oh that laugh gets me every time! If he’s playing in the room, entertained by something else but then hears us laugh at something he’ll start laughing! Or fake laughing. Seriously the cutest thing EVER! He does it all day long and yet every time, it makes my momma heart smile.

Like I mentioned previously he’s practically ready to walk. Then again, I have thought he was ready to walk when he came out of the womb. He’s always, always has strong legs. He’s pulled himself up for months and now he’s standing without holding onto anything. I’m pretty sure I know what comes next. But I have to say, I’m okay if it’s still months away. I’m not ready for him to walk.

He’s such a cuddly boy these days. He’s very needy and clingy too, a total mama’s boy for sure. I love it, but then it makes it hard to cook dinner some nights. But cuddly is my absolute favorite. Scott isn’t the most affectionate man on the planet so I always knew I wanted my boy to be. I want him to grow up hugging, and comforting people. I know it’s way to early to tell but I see it in him already. Just last night my brother (JD) was walking around with him and Grayson was just laying on his shoulder. Adorable. 9 months

I haven’t taken his “official” nine month photos yet but I am hoping to take them some time today. He’s already done even more in the short time since he turned nine months! Goodness I think things are just going to keep changing daily now.

If you’d like to see previous months achievements, you can click on each link. One, two, three, four, six, seven, seven and eight. (I missed month five, oops!)


2 thoughts on “Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

  1. Oh my look at those long legs of his!! I just smiled the whole time reading this post. I just adore him! I am also requesting a video of his fake laugh, por favor mamacita!

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