He adores you

photoI took this photo last week and I can’t stop looking at it.
I absolutely love the way they are looking at each other.
It makes me get all misty-eyed,
because I think about how blessed Grayson is to have so many people love him.
And that he gets a chance to love them back.

This next one is from when Grayson was only a few months old,
he is already mesmerized by Kathleen just like the rest of us.
Their sweet exchange is perfect.
IMG_0140Then there’s this guy, well, he isn’t so sure about him.
I’m kidding, he loves Kellen too.
This is the time Kellen was teaching Grayson about baseball.
IMG_5308There are so many other people in our lives that could be on here too,
these three photos just caught my eye recently.
If you have shown love to my son please know,
he adores you.
Sometimes I can’t fathom what I did to deserve such great love in our life,
then I remember I did nothing.
God’s mercy is enough.

Thank you Lord for your grace, and precious gifts.

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