9 months old :: Grayson Scott

Just saying that Grayson is nine months old makes me want to cry.
But what he fun he is now, he’s always been such a happy, smiley baby,
but now he’s just more and more fun everyday.
And learning so much more every day. When he is heading towards something he knows he’s not allowed to touch,
he starts shaking his head no before I even have a chance to tell him!

With our recent move I no longer have an actual studio that is always set up and ready,
so I debated on whether to set it all up or just take him outside.
Outside won, outside would always win if it were up to me actually.
I so love natural light opposed to fake..
Anyway, so we headed outside to the backyard. It took two different mini sessions,
but I LOVE them.
grayson_5191 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5176As you can tell, he loves to clap.
(and ps. I tried taming his little hair wave, no luck)
lakeelsinorechildphotography_5192 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5195My favoritelakeelsinorechildphotography_5207 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5214Eyelashes and cheeks!lakeelsinorechildphotography_5232And belly button of courselakeelsinorechildphotography_5236 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5240 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5247 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5251Such a silly boylakeelsinorechildphotography_5258 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5267 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5277 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5299 lakeelsinorechildphotography_5317He’s saying, YAY we’re all done!
I can’t believe his next photos will be for his ONE YEAR!

You are the absolute shining light of our life. Your contagious smile gets me every time, and the way you love me melts me completely. You are learning so much everyday, when you hear us laugh and imitate that laugh it makes me smile every single time. You’ve taken your first steps with the help of your “motorcycle”, you are growing up so fast. I pray for you my little love, that you grow up fearing the Lord and doing amazing things to further His kingdom. That you always feel our love and know that you forever have a place in mommie’s heart.

Millions of kisses,


4 thoughts on “9 months old :: Grayson Scott

  1. All I was thinking as I was scrolling through the photos is “this is Jess’ baby!” After seeing so many 3, 6, and 9 month updates on a score of other kiddos on your blog, this ONE is YOURS! Just love him, and you, his mama!

  2. This was a “related post” on his 2 year photos… I never thought Grayson had a chunky stage, but this would be it! haha oh man, this was fun to look back on! :)

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