Things you need to know if we’re going to be BFF

jrose (615)(idea taken from Ashley’s blog)
Things you need to know if we’re going to be BFF

I married my first and only love, we met our junior year of high school.
We had an awful dating relationship until he accepted the Lord in 2003.
I love to slow dance, but pick up the pace and I’m outta there. I have no rhythm.

I am a picky eater, one of the pickiest I know.
I like bananas, but I don’t like anything banana flavored.
I get really frustrated because people constantly comment on my picky eating habits. I wish they would leave me alone, I don’t bother you because you like beans!

Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes,
I wish that I could use a coupon for everything I buy.
I don’t like showers, or blow drying my hair. It’s a waste of minutes if you ask me.
I can’t sleep without having the TV on, when it’s too quiet my brain doesn’t turn off.

I’ve lost two babies to miscarriages, I’ve never felt pain like that before.
I did not enjoy being pregnant, but loved what it represented.
I felt prettier being pregnant than I do in real life.
I’ve always slept with socks on, even in the middle of summer. After having Grayson, I can’t stand them.
Every day I fear that I’ll fail as a mother.
I’m very sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily.
I have a jealous personality, I try to hide that part of me tucked away.

I’ve attended the same church for roughly twenty years. I thought about leaving once a few years back but couldn’t find a home with any others like we have there.
I pray that I would be more bold with my faith, life is too short.

I would rather do almost anything else besides housework, Scott does it more often than I do.
I have a problem with leaving clothes in the dryer, like for days at a time.
But give me something to organize, my OCD kicks in and I’ll be occupied for hours.
I really enjoy sewing DIY projects, until something goes wrong and then I lose my patience with it.

I can watch the same (sappy love) movie on repeat, this drives Scot insane.
Music moves me. It’s my favorite thing to listen to a song and feel what the writer feels.

Three things about you. Ready, go!
Or write a post and link up in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Things you need to know if we’re going to be BFF

  1. 1. Taking the above photo of you (or did Kat take that particular one) made me decide to upgrade my camera to further my love of photography.

    2. I also hate blow drying my hair because it makes me feel so hot, and I already am hot all. the. time.

    3. My favorite color is green because someone once told me I looked good in it and now I am obsessed with the color for everything!


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