Lake Elsinore Newborn Photographer :: Cannon Crilly

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Mr. Cannon Crilly,
his mommy and daddy are one of my most favorite wedding clients ever.
With our recent move I believe I can call myself an on-location photographer (for now)
I wasn’t sure how this would work, but I absolutely loved it.
I loved walking into their house and seeing photos that I’ve taken framed.

Okay back to this little boy,
Do you ever feel your heart jump a little with joy?
Well that’s what happened when I heard that Joe & Laura would be having a boy.
They already have a precious daughter that they absolutely adore,
and I knew a little boy would fit perfectly into their beautiful family.
I do believe that I was right.

I love these photos of Cannon with the football,
you see Joe was quite the football star.
So we can bet that Cannon will spend a lot of time with one of these in his hands.

lakeelsinorenewborn_5263Miss Liberty, Cannon’s big sister
She’s the kind of little girl you want to hang out with.
Just the sweetest ever,
I think I talked about her to Scott nonstop for the rest of the night..
lakeelsinorenewborn_5287 lakeelsinorenewborn_5296Gahh I love baby toes, especially when big sisters are holding themlakeelsinorenewborn_5306 lakeelsinorenewborn_5314My favorite of Cannon, I love his teeny tiny smilelakeelsinorenewborn_5341 lakeelsinorenewborn_5406Love..lakeelsinorenewborn_5399 lakeelsinorenewborn_5388Thank you Joe & Laura
for inviting me into your home,
into your life,
and into your hearts.


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