Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

I am pretty proud of myself this month, I am actually posting Grayson’s monthly achievements on his actual birth-date on his tenth month. (is that even how you say it?) That’s a good achievement on momma’s part! It did help that I don’t have my studio set up and had to set it up for a session and so it forced me to have Scott take our picture while it was ready.

Anyway, on to my bug. Like I said last month, he is changing soo much every day. I look at him and cannot believe that just ten short months ago he was rolling around in my belly and I had no idea just how wonderful he would be. So in this ninth month this boy finally learned how to ROLL OVER! I know, how late is that!? If he weren’t so quick to do other important milestones I might be worried. But he has mastered it and has become quite difficult little thing to change.

I’m not sure if it is something that all babies do at this age but Grayson mimics so much of what we do. It doesn’t take him very long at all to catch on to certain things. He’s so good at clapping and recently waving hi (and sometimes even goodbye) he’ll click his tongue and smack his lips. I love it! I hope that he keeps doing that, he’ll be easy to teach new things to that way :)

And walking, ohhh walking… I’ve known this day was coming but I actually sorta hoped it wouldn’t be for a while. He’s not walking just yet, but he’s taking tons of “steps” I think he’s still attempting to walk only because we’ll stand him there and then entice him with a snack or something. Once he is really ready, he will be be off. He’s so sturdy when he stands and he even stands up from a sitting position without holding on to anything! The few times I could tell he was really into it, are the times that he went the furthest. Sooo, we’ll see if next months update has him walking. (But I will also be okay if he isn’t) I don’t want my baby to grow up!

This is absolutely my favorite picture of him since I started this 10 months ago! I put this as my desktop photo on my phone and every time I look at it I automatically smile. I think at this point we kept telling him to say “momma, momma” but I can’t be sure, he is cracking up so hard. I look at this and feel like my heart could explode. I love him so much.10 months


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