Menifee Child Photography :: Caleb

Just when I thought these little guys couldn’t get any cuter,
in comes Mr. Caleb at nine months!
I feel like we just took his newborn photos yesterday.
It really isn’t fair how fast time goes when you have a baby,
But I know that they cherish every day with him.
After Caleb (ROCKED) his photo shoot,
he and Grayson had a little play date.
It was so fun to watch them together,
(except that one time when Grayson took a toy away from sweet Caleb)
but we’re just going to pretend that didn’t happen.

Caleb is such a good boy and so easy to take photos of,
he’s at the perfect age because he has such a great personality
but isn’t running around everywhere just yet.
That’s my favorite.
menifeechildphotography_6275 menifeechildphotography_6279He looks soo big in these two!
menifeechildphotography_6287 menifeechildphotography_6296I LOVE the right one, something about it makes me just want to snuggle him!
menifeechildphotography_6319 menifeechildphotography_6326 menifeechildphotography_6328Teeth!menifeechildphotography_6333Goodness look at that smile, that one was all for mommy.
menifeechildphotography_6350Slow down time, for our sake.


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