DIY :: Pinterest Projects

Ohh Pinterest….
You are the best thing to come across the world wide web.
It has helped people get off their booties,
and have some fun.
I love it.

Here are some Pinterest projects
I would do if I had all of the time and money in the world.
(Click on the photo for the link)

649d0d305e446485f72a898273d69691Paint a table a fun color and re-do some chairs2d36b9e8f87f93fdb241b5bcbabbce7dMaybe make some furniture
(and I LOVE that sign, but that will come later)161d8f6ea31377d8bf7e3d64acdc284b
This will be happening after Grayson’s first birthday,
memory quilt from my favorite of his clothes.43dbd24cd124fe2f36f92af3c6769c6cAnother one for the buggy,
I think he would love this!a0d93d751d1b03004d682580c9c47a1b

What do you think…
Do any of these (P)interest you? (clever, I know)
Do you have any Pinterest projects on your list?
Link your list in the comments if you do.

Have a great day!


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