Menifee Wedding Photography :: the Barish wedding

A lot of the time when you think about weddings,
you’ll think high stress, high energy
But not the Barish wedding, it was super relaxed
and everybody had a great time.
Lynzie is so loving, so sweet and has a huge heart,
and that heart that has never left Daniels in all of the long years they’ve shared.
They have two sweet boys who I’ve been able to watch grow,
What a beautiful family, and a beautiful wedding.

They asked me to photograph the ceremony through the first dances,
here are some of the images that jumped out at me from the beginning.
I will start off with two of my favorites that Sam shot.
menifeeweddingphotography_817menifeeweddingphotography_814My anglemenifeeweddingphotography_6152jpgAnother beautiful shot by Sammenifeeweddingphotography_796menifeeweddingphotography_6042 menifeeweddingphotography_6053I am pretty sure this is my favorite..menifeeweddingphotography_6067I will end with this from the first dance, so sweet.menifeeweddingphotography_6208I wish you nothing but the best Mr. and Mrs. Barish,
thank you for letting me a part of your special day.

3 thoughts on “Menifee Wedding Photography :: the Barish wedding

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