Grayson’s last “first” holiday

We’ve celebrated all of Grayson’s first holidays after this Easter.
It’s sad and exciting as is everything when it comes to him.
Sad because of course it means time is passing and he is getting older,
but exciting because he is getting to experience life,
life as our son, as our everything.

We started off our day like any other Sunday, going to church.
I typically stay in the nursery in help because I wasn’t ready to leave him,
but I took some photos during service and so we left him.
He loved it and did amazing, when we came to get him
I said “Grayson, HI!” and he gave us a smile I’ll never forget and waved hi back!
I want to remember that look forever.
After church we headed down to Irvine park, a Easter tradition we’ve had since I’ve known Scott.

We started off with a bike ride to the zoo they have there,
the boys got the best seat though.
Buuut, I’m not so sure Jaxon enjoyed it so much,
Grayson kept tugging at his hood, seat belt… pretty much anything he could reach.
Grayson loved it.

IMG_6567 IMG_6570Our little walking boyIMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6582He got to pet a goat for the first time, he was kind of scared.
But I would be too, look at the eyes on that thing!
IMG_6584“Mommy save me”
IMG_6587Cutest picture ever! (this is Auntie Kathy)
IMG_6597Eww I don’t like this picture but I love Scott and Grayson!
(yes I am still wearing the nursery bracelet.. fashion statement okay)
IMG_6605Nana Williams playing a little soccer with the boysIMG_6608The little man, who isn’t so little anymore
IMG_6626Then Gray’s first egg hunt.. he knew to put the eggs in the basket.. smarty pants.IMG_6639 IMG_6648It was a nice last, first holiday spent with both of my loves and our family.
I look forward to every holiday because of this guy.
My world is so much better because of him.
Hope your Easter was great too!


2 thoughts on “Grayson’s last “first” holiday

  1. Those first bike photos are hilarious! G’s just in his own happy little world! Oh and I just love Scott’s face when he’s looking at Grayson, so so sweet! And he is SO smart with those eggs! Ugh this was just the cutest post!

    P.S. I want to take a photo with G like Auntie Kathy! :o)

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