Temecula family photography :: the Pedders

This is definitely topping the charts as one of my favorite family sessions!
Just look at the colors that they are wearing,
put it together with the gorgeous olive tree field and we pretty much have perfection.
Our intentions were to shoot at one of the wineries,
but apparently it isn’t “wine” season. As in there are no vines, anywhere.
So we drove around a bit and Elisabeth spotted some olive trees.
As soon as I saw the gorgeous lighting and open field I was in love,
a beautiful family in a beautiful spot. Two of my favorite things.

By far, my most favorite photo of Chase… evertemeculafamilyphotography_5536 temeculafamilyphotography_5544 temeculafamilyphotography_5564 temeculafamilyphotography_5568 temeculafamilyphotography_5578temeculafamilyphotography_5590 temeculafamilyphotography_5585Oh Chase you’re killing metemeculafamilyphotography_5607and look at that sweet smile from Maddietemeculafamilyphotography_5634Also, my favorite photo of the Mr. and Mrs. temeculafamilyphotography_5624


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