Did I ever tell you about the time

Where I had my bags packed, car keys in hand and
about to load up Grayson and drive through the garage door like Liam Nieson drove in “Taken”?

I was just thinking about that night today.
(In case you are home alone reading please don’t be scared, everything turned out okay.)
It was the night before we were leaving for Hawaii last November.
We had taken the dogs to my parents house earlier since they were dog sitting,
It was midnight when we finally all closed our eyes.
Mikey (Scott’s little brother) was staying with us and sleeping on the couch,
not a minute after I closed my eyes Mikey came in and said someone was at the door.

I ran to the front to see who it was but couldn’t,
you see Scott didn’t believe in actually using the porch light.
All I could see was a man (someone large man) at our door, and a car running at the street.
Scott comes to look and decides not to open it.
You would think that would be the end of the story, but it isn’t.
The guy doesn’t leave. The one night our dogs are gone!
I started thinking it was planned, they were watching our house.
Luckily we were all packed, I was ready to grab Grayson from bed and get in the car,
I paced back and forth. The guy continued to ring our doorbell, the knock. Then ring.
Once he went and sat in his car for a minute.

Scott’s sister lives up the street, so we had Mikey call her husband.
We wanted to have him just drive by, see what he sees,
plus he’s big and looks intimidating in case we needed him.
Mikey stays on the phone with Joe while he drives,
Phone in my hand, I must have asked Scott if I could call 911 at least eight times.

Once Joe drives down our street you know what he sees?
The guy is in his car, still outside.
And.. our garage door is open!!
I walk out, Scott after me.
The guy is a neighbor around the corner and walks his dogs past our house all the time,
He’s a police officer, and he couldn’t sleep because he saw our door open.
He kept knocking because there had been a lot of robberies in our neighborhood,
what a great guy. And we left him outside to knock for fifteen minutes.
Boy did we feel stupid.

I’ll have you know that we used that porch light every night after that.

pool time


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