Menifee Child Photography :: Lyla and Tristin

Get ready to see just about the cutest babies ever!
The Zagone twins are here today, Lyla and Tristin.
They are so so sweet, all you have to do is look their way
and their faces completely brighten up.

I really love everything about these photos.
menifeechildphotography_6674I was told that this is Lyla’s little bulldog face,
cutest bulldog I’ve ever seen.menifeechildphotography_6681 menifeechildphotography_6683And Tristin, just look at that face!menifeechildphotography_6702 menifeechildphotography_6706 menifeechildphotography_6721 menifeechildphotography_6733 menifeechildphotography_6751Every single one of these next photos are my favorites..menifeechildphotography_6758 menifeechildphotography_6765 menifeechildphotography_6778Hello beautiful!menifeechildphotography_6782


2 thoughts on “Menifee Child Photography :: Lyla and Tristin

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