Grayson’s birthday wish list

Birthday wish lists seem to do us good around here and since Grayson’s birthday is just around the corner
I thought I’d put together a list of things I “wish” I could get Grayson.

He already loves being outside and we spend a lot of time out there,
I think this would be perfect for our walks.pTRU1-9550807dtThis will be PERFECT for this summer!

20973_1I think this number/letter mat looks like fun
(I don’t know why but the kids in this kinda weird me out)pTRU1-10576699_alternate1_dt I’m not sure he’ll be quite old enough to grasp the concept but I’ve seen other kids
have fun with this so why not.. pTRU1-10941788_alternate1_dtI saw this on a friends Instagram and loved it!
Pricey, but hey this is a wish list right?680886Every little person needs a table and adorable chairspTRU1-5767457dtI saw this in Anayah’s playroom and loved it,
this way he can be just like daddy.pTRU1-6490942dtThis was fun, even more fun that online window shopping for myself!
You wish you can get everything for your babies.
I can hardly wait to celebrate our little blessing with all of our friends and family.
It might just be the best one year birthday party ever.


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