Lake Elsinore Child Photographer :: Wesley

I am always overly excited when Katrina emails me about Wesley’s photos,
they don’t live super close so I don’t get to see them often.
But when I do, I always enjoy our time together.
Sweetest family around.

One of my favorite things about photographing babies
is when mommy and daddy step in to help make them smile.
Sometimes I laugh harder than the kids!
This was no exception, if you know David..
ask him to show you his tricks. They’re hilarious.lakeelsinorechildphotography_7000 lakeelsinorechildphotography_7019I love both of these!
lakeelsinorechildphotography_7028 lakeelsinorechildphotography_7041He did not want to let go of that lip..lakeelsinorechildphotography_7077Hello handsomelakeelsinorechildphotography_7081 lakeelsinorechildphotography_7113 lakeelsinorechildphotography_7133

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