Read now or later

Either way, you’re going to want to save this..garage
Did you know that it is possible to get nail polish out of clothes!?
I mean, who gets nail polish on their clothes anyway?
Actually Grayson is the guilty one.
He decided to sit on my toes (in his overalls that are my favorite!)
and get two totally noticeable spots on his booty.
I immediately Googled.
Tried the first link I found,
and it worked!
So I just have to share in case you don’t know about this magic.
All you need is acetone nail polish remover (Target)

Here’s what you do:
Stack up some paper towels
Put the stained clothes face down
Take your cotton ball dipped in acetone,
and rub it on the back of the stain.
Rinse the spot and dab it again if you have to.
That’s it! It’s gone!
Crazy right.outsideGo ahead and PIN this,
you’ll thank me later.


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