Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

Man on man this has been a rough couple of weeks! I had an especially hard time getting this picture taken. I’m so late! (two weeks!) It’s practically time to take his 12 month one.. He’s been sick and cranky for two weeks now, plus not having my studio set up anymore. Definitely a challenge more this month than any other.

But anyway, about Grayson. It’s funny because doing these pictures and recording down his achievements every month has really let me see which months are big months where he does a lot of new things, and then other months there aren’t as many “new” things but perfection of other things. This was a month of perfecting. He has perfected walking, waving, throwing balls, I’m trying to think of what else. He literally started full on walking right after I posted his 10 month achievements, which I knew he would. 10 months, that seems to early to walk! I thought it would get a lot harder once he started walking but to be honest he is a little bit of a clingy baby. He loves playing with us, and cuddling.. so far at this point he’s not off wandering and into everything too much. But I love going outside, or being out somewhere and just letting him walk and explore. So fun!

He copies everything we do, you can show him something once and he seems to pick it up. I love that! A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach for the first time since he’s been old enough to actually play.. He was not a fan. Unfortunately. It was freezing though! And we woke him up after only about a ten minute nap so I am hoping our next beach trip is a successful one. I am really hoping to spend a lot of time this summer at the beach but we’ll see.

The last one was probably harder for me than it was him. For the first four months of his life I nursed him, so I stayed in a room where I could listen to our Pastor speak. Actually even after I was done nursing I would still sit in that same room because it was usually his nap time and I would just get him to sleep in his stroller. At five months when he could sit up and play I’d let him hang out with the other kiddos but I would still stay with him. Finally I decided it was time (for one main reason I was really missing out on the Sunday messages) to leave him in there alone. So I did. And he did great! Or at least that’s what they’ve told me :) Every time I go and pick him up he’s playing and happy so it’s awesome.

I think that about does it this month. Wow, the photo is pretty bad. Such poor lighting, it was sort of an impromptu shot so I didn’t set up any lights and it was a really gloomy day today. Photographer fail. Buut, considering the couple weeks we had I’m just going to go with it.. (He is always, always playing with some sort of ball. Always) So I figured it was appropriate to let him keep them in his hand. (oooh it’s sort of painful for me to see such bad lighting in this) Also, something that comes with walking is bumps and bruises. He gets plenty of those, if you look carefully there is one right in the middle of his forehead! 11 months

Thank you for reading. Have a great Monday!

ps. STAY TUNED because by the end of the week I am going to be posting his birthday invitation! His party is only three weeks away and I can hardly wait. If you want to follow along on my party planning then you can start with THIS POST..


2 thoughts on “Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

  1. Oh my goodness, I love each of these monthly updates. They just show so much of who Grayson is at the time!! Thanks for sharing your growing little babe with us so much!

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