I’m not lion

imnotlionThere is just never a dull moment in life is there?
No time to take a breath before the next trial comes along.
(big or small makes no matter)
I used to think it was just us who had this “luck”
but I’m smarter now and know that it happens to everyone.

I’ll try to make this short, we all know I’m a chatter box.
Grayson had been acting weird for a couple of weeks,
then got a cold that lasted for over two weeks.
So I got him on some antibiotics and had a follow up with our doctor.
His cold was finally gone but what had me concerned was how he had been acting,
very tired, no energy. He would wake up from his nap cranky and still yawning.

I told his pediatrician (as well as shed a few tears, I was paranoid)
and he suggested we do blood testing on him.
He told me if he were anemic, or if it was Leukemia it would show up immediately.
Leukemia was my fear so he was assuring me we would know and handle it right away if it were.
I’ll take a timeout now to tell you that I absolutely love our pediatrician,
never once has he made me feel dumb about my concerns. He treats Grayson so kindly. A+
So I made an appointment and took him that day.needleHe did so good, he hardly cried at all. He’s my little champ.
He was more irritated with being held down. Gosh I love him. Both of them.
Giving blood on top of being sick for two weeks took all the energy he had left,
he looked so sad on our drive home.
car rideHe tried to give me a smile.smileWe heard back from the doctor Friday afternoon,
the results are that he is slightly anemic. He told me to get a multi-vitamin with iron,
I’ve been giving him that with his bottle once a day and it seems to be helping.
He also told me that Grayson has a condition called Neutropenia,
he told me that it is most likely a temporary condition but he is referring him to a hematologist.
He will also get his blood tested again in the next couple of weeks.

Everything that we’ve researched said anemia could cause the low white blood cell count,
also that the antibiotics could cause a lower count.
I guess the blood count rage is between 1000 and 1500,
Grayson is at 1145.
So I am trying not to worry just yet that it’s something more serious.

If you think about, would you prayer for my baby?
That the next time he tests that his count would be way high,
high enough so that he doesn’t even have to be referred anywhere else.
We really appreciate it.


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