Mother’s Day with a new meaning

This day has obviously taken on an entirely new meaning for me this year,
I always knew that I wanted to be a mommy
but I would have never been able to guess what that meant exactly.

It means that there will sometimes be late nights,
or early mornings in our case.
It means that there will be stuffy noses and runny diapers,
some pity parties and many tears.

It also means sweet kisses and morning cuddles.
It means an endless love and an entire dependence.
A trust in me that no one else can fulfill,
it means that I will forever be the first women in his life,
and that he will always be loved no matter what,
it means.. I am his mommaIMG_6947 IMG_7037 may_181My momma, what else can I say but she’s the best.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing mom,
she is the perfect model of what a woman should be.
I love you mom.shukwit (490)I know that I’ve said quite a few times before how awesome Scott’s mom is.
It won’t hurt to say it again, she’s awesome!
I honestly could not ask for anyone better,
she is genuinely kind, has a huge heart and loves me like her own daughter.IMG_6611What great examples I have as I go through this journey.
I know exactly how blessed I am.

I’d also like to wish a very special Mother’s day
to those of you who have your babies waiting for you in Heaven.
Today is for you too.

Hope today is wonderful, Happy Mother’s day.

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