Grayson :: Birthday Invitation

I have been so excited waiting to share this with you!!bug-birthday-invitation-blogI wanted to make sure they were sent out before I posted them here,
but they’re out so now I can!
I am so in love with them I keep pulling them out to gawk.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
Sam is so good at taking exactly what I am picturing in my mind
and turning it into real life.IMG_7539-blogOne week from today my little bug will be turning one!
Crazy I tell ya.

(Visit Sam’s Etsy shop and check out what she’s got, you can even customize this very invite if you want to)

3 thoughts on “Grayson :: Birthday Invitation

  1. I am just so glad you love it!! <3 Excited to celebrate Grayson's first birthday… that is just too crazy! Thanks for sharing my shop too Jess!

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