Jaxon Zagone :: 2 years

I just love sweet boys, they’re my favorite.
My nephew Jaxon is just that, a sweet little man.
He just turned two, okay he turned two in March
but still, we’re only two months late in taking these.
I knew exactly where I wanted to take them,
and I think they turned out perfectly.perrischildphotography_7911My absolute favorite is the right oneperrischildphotography_7919 perrischildphotography_7925 perrischildphotography_7931Grayson joined in on the fun tooperrischildphotography_7885I don’t know about you but I think this next one is absolutely perfect,
I feel like he looks like a perfect little doll. It almost doesn’t look real.perrischildphotography_7943 perrischildphotography_7946Love love love you little man,
you’re growing up too fast.
You are such a good cousin to Grayson,
and are so loved.
xoxo, auntie jess


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