Courtney Bachinski :: Lake Elsinore Senior

I would like to introduce you to someone who might be my all time favorite senior, Courtney.
Courtney not only has the moves, but she has the personality.
Her mom and I have been emailing back and forth forever trying to set a date,
and to think we almost weren’t able to take them in time…
I am just so glad we did, and SO glad we picked Harveston in Temecula to take them.
Courtney goes to school at Elsinore High School
and is graduating on the 30th of this month. She was a dancer until last year,
you can definitely tell; I told her over and over that I want legs like hers!

Well I guess I should stop talking, and start sharing.
There is image overload in here today
but I couldn’t help it, I literally loved just about every single one.
If you feel like it, leave a comment and tell us how fabulous these photos are!
temeculaseniorphotography_7968 temeculaseniorphotography_7971 temeculaseniorphotography_7984Yes pleasetemeculaseniorphotography_8004 temeculaseniorphotography_8009Love…temeculaseniorphotography_8021 temeculaseniorphotography_8076 temeculaseniorphotography_8091And love…temeculaseniorphotography_8111 temeculaseniorphotography_8123Oh and I love this one too…temeculaseniorphotography_8133I really could keep going but I suppose I should stop now.temeculaseniorphotography_8150Courtney you are gorgeous.
Bachinski family, you are absolutely wonderful!
I really, really hope I get to see you again soon.


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