Grayson :: One year old!

Where do I even start? I honestly don’t believe that there are even words that would begin to accurately describe the love I have for our son. I am sure that this is how most mommies feel. To think back to this very time last year, when he was still growing inside my belly. I would daydream about what he would look like, how he would act, be like and just wondering who he’d be. Now a year has gone by and I don’t imagine our lives without him. I think that he is the most beautiful little boy I’ve ever seen, he is such a good boy and we are blessed by his laid back demeanor. He’s sweet, quirky, absolutely loves being outside and gives kisses all day long. He is the perfect piece to our little family puzzle.

And now, for his photos.. I saw the idea of having balloons as the backdrop a while ago (on Pinterest obvs) and it was something that I clicked and saved in my brain. I think it turned out so cute! This is bug’s first time having sugar of this kind, so take a scroll and see how he does.birthdayphotos_8255 birthdayphotos_8260 birthdayphotos_8262Haha this one makes me laugh! Scott was trying to get him to taste it, he would rather just play with the frosting..birthdayphotos_8269See…
birthdayphotos_8273Gosh I love this one.. JD is just as I always imagined he would be with my baby. A great uncle.birthdayphotos_8277 birthdayphotos_8279So fun! At this point he started trying to roam around which is a BAD idea with blue frosting all over the little piglets. We put a stop to that and threw the little mister in the bathtub! I’m kind of worried he won’t want his cake at his party. We shall see.birthdayphotos_8274Of course you know that I didn’t stop there.. We had our family photos taken last week (by the lovely Mandy Spottsville as usual) and I asked her if I might be able to snap some of Gray in honor of his first birthday while we were there. I love these photos with all of my heart! Something about this first one makes it my absolute favorite photo of him ever ever! Maybe it is the big round brown eyes.. birthdayphotos_8204birthdayphotos_8211 birthdayphotos_8232 birthdayphotos_8241 birthdayphotos_8239Grayson,

I love you with every ounce of my beating heart. You have shown me what unconditional love and pure joy is. You’ve given me so much joy in the 365 days you’ve been in my life. Thank you Lord Jesus for loaning me this little life to take care of, for that I am forever grateful. I pray for you son, for your health and happiness. I love watching you grow, and try new things. I feel like I am experiencing new things along with you. I now know that I was created by our Creator to be your mommy. Forever and Always. I love you. Momma

Guess what… I’m not done.. Not only do I have a whole lot of them that Mandi took that I want to share, but I have one more outfit that I just have to take pictures of him in. Hopefully I’ll get to that this week.

I am so excited because his birthday party is coming up this Saturday! I feel like I have been planning this party forever. I tried not to go to crazy… tried… but I go crazy on things that other people might not.. the details.. yes I did, I went a little crazy on the small stuff. But I had so much fun! So far it has been very low stress and I am really excited for everyone to come and enjoy family and friends and love on my little boy.

I hope you enjoyed this momma obsessed, Grayson overloaded post!


2 thoughts on “Grayson :: One year old!

  1. Grayson’s personality just shined through in his cake photos… he’s just always so smiley and happy, and that’s why we all love him for that and so many more reasons. And as always, you make me so excited to one day be a mama with how much you love your little boy. So happy for you… happy birthday little Bug!

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