Rachel Maternity :: Disneyland

My friend Sam  has a beautiful friend Rachel
who she photographs quite often.
Since I haven’t shot much lately, and was feeling a bit rusty
I asked her if I could tag along with her for Rachel’s maternity.
She was so kind as to say yes.

Rachel’s baby shower theme is princesses,
there is no more of a princess-y place than Disneyland. Obvs
Sam and Rachel worked their “magic” and a friend got me in.
I wasn’t sure how shooting there would go,
but I loved it.
There are soo many different places to use,
so I had a blast.
And now, my favorites of the princess.anaheimmaternity_7653 anaheimmaternity_7693 anaheimmaternity_7716 anaheimmaternity_7722 anaheimmaternity_7749Loveanaheimmaternity_7789 anaheimmaternity_7771 anaheimmaternity_7825My favorite of Rachel and Amelia
anaheimmaternity_7847Then they lived happily ever after
The End.

(You can see Sam’s post and photos of Rachel HERE)


2 thoughts on “Rachel Maternity :: Disneyland

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