Grayson’s bug birthday party

bugbirthdayparty_32What a fun day! My only complaint is that it went by so fast!
It felt like my wedding day all over.. in the sense that you do all of this planning
and then the day is over before you even blink…
I honestly had more fun planning this than anything else I’ve done,
my hope in sharing is that it will help someone else plan the perfect bug party.

The cake.. oh the cake
I imagined the cake a certain way, it far beat my expectations.
To say that I loved it would be an understatement.
The cake was made by a friend from our church, she’s amazing!
I made a (really long) slideshow and had that playing on the cake table.
bugbirthdayparty_002 bugbirthdayparty_001 bugbirthdayparty_003The candy bar was more for the adults than kiddos, we need treats too right?
bugbirthdayparty_004 bugbirthdayparty_005 bugbirthdayparty_006
The favors Grayson gave out were little baggies that had a miniature magnifying glass, a ball
and then we had two separate treats inside, one for babies and one for the older kids.
I made the teething biscuits from this post for the babies, and added gummy butterfly candy to the others.bugbirthdayparty_007bugbirthdayparty_008We also had these cute little spiders inside (all of our birthday bugs were cute and not scary)
This picture is from Oriental Trading which is where I ordered the stuff to make them.
The babies got little puffs in theirs, and the older kids got M&M’s.
It’s really cool, Oriental Trading had these on their site,
and told you what you needed and how to make them. You can go here for the Spider Instructions.
My dad drew these adorable chalk caterpillars that led our guests to the backyard.bugbirthdayparty_010Another of my favorite details was the caterpillar thumbprint guest book!
For a few years now I’ve wanted a reason to do something like this and haven’t gotten to yet.
I called on the infamous Sam, and she came up with the perfect print for it.
She basically created the “Grayson’s Bug Bunch!” and put the dot template of where the thumbprints would go.bugbirthdayparty_011 bugbirthdayparty_012I could not be happier with how it came out,
and now Grayson has something to forever remember his first birthday party.
(besides this blog post of course!)IMG_4249bugbirthdayparty_013 bugbirthdayparty_014Chocolate milk for the kidsbugbirthdayparty_009Another Oriental Trading find, look at how ridiculously cute he is!
You can find the here.
A few fun pictures.bugbirthdayparty_017 bugbirthdayparty_018 bugbirthdayparty_019I loved some of the wrapping from his little friends.
I chose to have Grayson open his presents as our friends showed up,
rather than torturing them for an hour while I open them and my one year old runs away.
(yes I’ve been to many parties in my day where that happens)bugbirthdayparty_020 bugbirthdayparty_021Cutest hat ever! Cutest little boy everbugbirthdayparty_022Buddiesbugbirthdayparty_023Another fun thing for the kids we had, decorating cupcakes and cookies
I made so much frosting though, we’re still eating it!
This recipe is seriously the BEST frosting recipe you’ll ever try..
Don’t believe me, make it yourself. It’s amazing!!bugbirthdayparty_024 bugbirthdayparty_025Next up… Grayson and his cake
I think she put something in the cake to knock him out,
he took two bites and was ready to fall asleep :)
Gosh I love his little face in this first one.bugbirthdayparty_026He is not a fan of the cheering that follows the birthday song.bugbirthdayparty_027 bugbirthdayparty_028 bugbirthdayparty_029Family! A few of us anyway (poor G was so tired and didn’t want to smile at all)bugbirthdayparty_30Please excuse a couple poor quality iPhone pictures.
Why am I the only one looking away in the second one?!bugbirthdayparty_31So so much fun!
We are so thankful to everyone who came,
and who loved on our little boy.
We know full well how blessed we are to have so many people love our little family.

You can click on the links if you’d like to see my original inspiration board,
or here if you want to see the invitation or how you can order one for your own party!

Thank you Sam for taking these photos for us, they will be forever cherished.

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