Party planning tip

williams-47On Friday I posted all of the photos from Grayson’s bug birthday party,
but I forgot to post a very helpful party planning tip!
Check-lists. I live my everyday life by check-lists,
so when I found this post that had a timeline/check-list
I jumped all over that one.
It really helped me put into perspective what needed to be done and by when.

So I just wanted to offer up some help,
and for those of you who just don’t like to party plan (what’s wrong with you people?!)
Download this little baby and you’ll be on your way!
You can go to Kara’s Party Ideas,
or download it from here.party_timelineAlso, if you’d like to see my Pinterest board
I have tons of ideas there that might help with your party as well!

Oh my little 1 year old.. I just love youwilliams-8 williams-52
(Photos courtesy of Mandi. I still need to share the rest! I love them all.)


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