Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

This is a really, very hard post for me to write. It is hard because it’s the last one I am doing for his “monthly achievements”. (tears are streaming) This has been soo fun for me to do, and see how he’s changed in each picture each month. I know that I will cherish these for the rest of my life.

There has been SO much that has happened in this last month, it’s crazy! One of the biggest deals to me was his first tooth!! I have been waiting for that darn thing to come in for months! I swear he’s been teething since he was six months old! And finally, literally on his birthday I think it finally broke through. Just one though. Get out the toothpaste. I am sure they will all start to trickle in now but geez, I thought it was never going to come.

His momma and dadda words are working quite well. I am also working on “hi”, “up” and “ball”. He seems like he is closer to up and ball than the hi.. Oh and we’re also trying for “Poppop” I think that’ll come soon too. I love trying to teach him new things, he’s so smart. It’s fun. He’s a total chatter box, he’s always talking. Of course we have no idea what he’s saying but it sounds pretty important if you ask me. I am so excited to hear what he has to say, I have a feeling he is going to be a talker, and a funny little guy.

I love to always have him with me, so whenever we go to the garment district he’s always tagging along. When we planned the women’s lunch for my church and had to go to the flower district and get all of our flowers we told him to smell the flowers.. Wouldn’t you know telling him that one time, any time you tell him to smell the flowers.. or smell anything for that matter he scrunches up his nose and starts sniffing. Seriously the cutest thing ever (mommy goggles I’m sure)

Oh.My.Gosh. This kid has taught himself how to burp. Dead serious. He takes a drink of water and once he’s done, lets out about five burps. It’s the funniest/most grossest thing I’ve seen. It was hilarious to Scott and I the first time, now it’s gross. I hope that phase passes real quick. Boys.

This little baby has given blood two times now! And has taken it like a champ both times. You might remember when I posted I’m not lion and talked about why he had to get his blood tested. Well we went today to see a hematologist and he of course sent him to have blood work done. My little bug didn’t even flinch when they stuck that needle in! Champ. I will try to post pictures from today later this week with more details on what went down today. (everything is okay, praise God)

I totally forgot until I was going through past months but he also got his FIRST haircut! Or first real haircut, because I tried cutting around his ears a couple months ago. Won’t make that mistake again, it was totally crooked. But yeah, a haircut.. that’s kind of a big deal in the baby-to-big boy stage. 12 monthsWow. One year. I am sure like any other mommy, time just flew like the speed of lightening on by this year. When people ask me if I want another baby, my answer is still no.. Although I wouldn’t mind having Gray as a newborn again, I loved him so little. I might possibly be getting baby fever again, not quite sure. Ask me again at the end up September once Molly is born and my answer might be different. But for now, my perfect family of three will do. I couldn’t be happier. We are so blessed.

If you would like to see him from the very first month, I’ll include all of the links here..
one, two, three, four, oops I skipped five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven

5 thoughts on “Grayson :: Monthly Achievements

  1. Baaaaaa! Waaaa… man I haven’t teared up this much reading your morning posts in quite a while!

    His scrunch nose sniffing IS really the cutest thing… auntie goggles??

    I sure will miss these updates on your little Bug too!! Sure you can’t keep them?? What about every 3 months? ha… I’m just really going to miss them!

    Love you and Bug!

  2. This is really cute way to update monthly achievement. I loved reading all your post :) Can you please tell me how to edit pics like this?
    Thank you!

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