Lunch date with me

If we had lunch together I would tell you that
I feel like I have had a little time to breathe lately,
and it feels wonderful.

I might mention that I feel like it was yesterday
that my baby was born,
and now he’s a year old.

I would tell you that we took an unwelcome visit to the oncology department,
and that I never want to go back there again.
That seeing babies with cancer humbled me to my core,
and I am so thankful for our healthy little boy.IMG_4585

I would let you know that I really miss having a house to myself.
But I love having my family around.

That it’s probably time to start working off that “baby weight”IMG_4625

I would tell you how this last year having Grayson has flown by,
that I already miss him as a newborn.
That as he grows up, and I fall more and more in love
I’ve been having irrational fears about losing him.

I would tell you that I despise winter,
but don’t enjoy the hot as much as I used to.

I might let you know that there are going to be a couple of great weddings this summer.
And that any day we could be holding in our arms a new baby nephew.

I would probably tell you that life is pretty good these days. IMG_4652


2 thoughts on “Lunch date with me

  1. I always enjoy looking at your beautiful families pictures! I would love to have you take Caitlyn’s senior pictures this year ! Let me know when you are available the end of the summer sometime! Love ya! Lori Meek

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