Ava Siepker :: Six years old

Six years old, miss Ava Ryan is six years old.
I have loved watching her grow into this smart young girl,
she’s sweet and sassy, and loves to tell me which photos she wants in a 6×7!
She is a great big sister to Grace, and will be to her new baby brother..
But, more on that little brother stuff later!

We planned our session in Old Town Temecula,
it was perfect. A bit windy, but still perfect.
She is quite the little model these day,
I am in love with all of these. temeculachildphotography_8715 temeculachildphotography_8708Miss Gracie had to make an appearance, which is always okay by me.temeculachildphotography_8734 temeculachildphotography_8765Dying.
temeculachildphotography_8748temeculachildphotography_8777 temeculachildphotography_8778 temeculachildphotography_8814 temeculachildphotography_8831Why hello my favorite photo of Ava and Grace Siepker ever!!  >>temeculachildphotography_8843Beautiful young lady, I am so honored that I have been taking your photos for six years.temeculachildphotography_8874

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