The father’s that mean the most

Last year on father’s day everything was so new to us,
I look back at the pictures and am in awe of Scott with our baby boy.
This past year has been amazing,
seeing Scott as Grayson’s daddy has been the best thing ever.
He sacrifices so much for us, he works hard
plays hard and loves the hardest.
What a great example Grayson has in his life,
I know that we do not need “father’s day” to tell him that we love him,
every single day we cherish him as a husband and a father.
But today we’ll give him some cupcakes and maybe a foot rub,
I am pretty positive Grayson has some extra slobbery kisses waiting.
And we’ll tell him we love him a few more times.
Happy Father’s Day my love.

This photo was taken at our first trip to Disneyland,
I can hardly handle how cute G looks smiling at his daddy.fathersday_7871(and from our last session with Mandi) fathersday_7872One of my all time favorites of my dad and Grayson
Besides mommy and daddy, Poppop is his most favorite person ever.
So blessed to see the love he has for my dad.fathersday_7873And then bug with both of his grandpa’s at his birthday party.
Grandpa Williams loves this little guy so much,
I am so thankful for the things he has taught Scott,
things that he’ll be able to pass down further.
fathersday_7874A nasty cold is going around our little family,
please say a prayer for daddy especially.
He gets home this morning and then works again tonight,
we want him rested and feeling good on this special day that we celebrate him.

Happy Father’s Day to all.


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