At last, our family photos

All I can say is it’s about time!
I’ve been wanting to post these for weeks.
I’ve shared a few here and there,
but it only had me even more anxious.
VBS this week hasn’t been as crazy stressful as I thought it would be,
and I finally had the time to get them together,
I seriously love all of them!williams-11Every single time Grayson sees Scott and I kiss, has to have one too.
From both of us usually.williams-12 williams-13-bw williams-15williams-22untitled-76-EditYou have to love the squishy face kisses.williams-23My loveswilliams-25 williams-27The sun shining through his ears in this one cracks me up!
williams-30 williams-31More kisses, he’s such a affectionate little guy.williams-55williams-46 williams-49I love these photos, I love my boys.williams-5Thank you as usual Mandi for making our memories permanent.


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