Dani Davis :: Murrieta maternity

murrietamaternityportraits_9028Dani’s mom hired me for a big family portrait,
but we snuck a few of these lovely maternity photos in while we waited.
Such a sweet family and I am so glad that I was able to meet them.
Dani’s husband Chris is my friend Jaymi’s brother, (that’s a mouth full)
her and I have talked photography since her youngest was first born,
so I was really excited when we planned this session!

I took so many that I am going to break it into two posts..
Today we have Chris and Dani’s family, next will be the entire Gruse family.
murrietamaternityportraits_9034 murrietamaternityportraits_9067My favoritemurrietamaternityportraits_9114 murrietamaternityportraits_9132Their littlesmurrietamaternityportraits_9136Then of course to end, another favorite


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