Gruse family

As promised here is the rest of Dani’s family,
I absolutely loved the colors that they choose!
Mint green and grey happen to be two of my favorite colors these days,
And they worked perfectly with our beautifully lit location.
I am pretty sure dad is going to get razzed for all the looking away he did!murrietafamilyphotography_9243Daddy and his girlsmurrietafamilyphotography_9293The beautiful ladies
murrietafamilyphotography_9305 murrietafamilyphotography_9310 murrietafamilyphotography_9331Love love lovemurrietafamilyphotography_9332 murrietafamilyphotography_9348murrietamaternityportraits_9382 murrietamaternityportraits_9398 murrietamaternityportraits_9400Love..murrietamaternityportraits_9458Oh how I love this last photo,
I just love how it portrays their family,
wonderfully unique.



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