Caleb :: One year old!

It feels like just yesterday that I was meeting Caleb for the first time,
little squishy face, tiny fingers and toes.
Now he’s one, and showing his little personality and sweet smile.
He made taking these photos exceptionally easy,
There wasn’t one that I didn’t like.menifeechildphotography_9503 menifeechildphotography_9507This one made me laugh, I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen Caleb without a smilemenifeechildphotography_9512Because immediately I get this (I was probably weird-ing him out ^^)
menifeechildphotography_9518Cutest.Thing.Evermenifeechildphotography_9520 menifeechildphotography_9526Birthday cake time!menifeechildphotography_9555 menifeechildphotography_9571This year has flown by,
Stef, I am so glad that our boys are the same age
what a joy it is to see Caleb grow.
I see plenty of play dates in our future!


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