Charlie Shukwit :: Four days old

newbornphotography_1008We could hardly wait for Charlie to be born,
I really couldn’t wait to see Emery as big brother.
He is such a sweet boy, when it comes to this little guy he is no different.
Grace told me that he’ll go and give him kisses all the time,
it will be so cute when they can play together.

I was really excited when we talked about doing these when Charlie was just days old,
since newborns pretty much just lay there
it is best to do them at days old because they sleep almost the entire time!
It’s wonderful.
After he was nice and full, he let us do whatever we’d like.
My favorite kind of client.

Don’t tell Grace I snuck her in this..
She was showing Emery we wanted him to kiss Charlie,
but I love how Em is looking at both of them. Just couldn’t resist.newbornphotography_1021newbornphotography_1007 newbornphotography_1036 newbornphotography_1049 newbornphotography_1065 newbornphotography_1068Hello lipsnewbornphotography_1073


2 thoughts on “Charlie Shukwit :: Four days old

  1. Oh my gosh! Just adorable! So adorable! Emery’s face is too cute when sitting next to his brother too! And I love the set up with the flag banner and matching blanket! !!!

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