In need of an intern

internI’ve been wanting to have help with certain aspects of my business for a long time. As with every business I am sure there are aspects about photography that I LOVE (shooting, meeting new people and building life long relationships) and others that I dislike very much (dealing with money, view and choose appointments) But knowing I’m not always busy and have yet to be able to pay someone a salary that would actually make it worth it for them I gave up on the thought. Then it was brought to my attention (Thanks M!) that I could possibly have an intern help me out. I am looking for someone who has a love for photography whether starting out or seasoned and a outgoing personality. This would be a paid internship, you just won’t be rollin in a mercedes anytime soon if this is your only job.

Why an Intern?
I really do hope that I can help someone fall more in love with photography and even more in love with the people who make my business possible. Ultimately I am trying to free up some time for myself. We have a one year old who is becoming very active and I have a very busy “life” in general. Having help with these appointments will really free me up for more time with my family.
I know that I could just post the photos in an online gallery and allow my clients to choose that way, that just isn’t how I run my business. I love the personal contact, and building those relationships. I would love to have a team with me that my clients really enjoy being around and keep coming back to year after year.
This will allow workflow and print production time to be quicker. With an intern, they can be ready to have a view and choose appointment just days after the session thus, having the prints back quicker.

What you would be doing:

  • You would be in charge of the view and choose appointments with my clients. This is a meeting that is scheduled after the first session is complete.
  • Appointments generally  take about an hour and are done on a laptop either in the clients home, or a central meeting location.
    (It would be preferable if you had your own laptop.) The appointments will be set within 3-4 days of the photography session at your convenience.
  • You will be responsible for totaling up the clients order and collecting payment at the appointment.

I am looking for someone who:

  • Has an outgoing, overly friendly personality.
  • Can compliment easily. (this might sound odd but what you’ll be doing is viewing photos with mommies and women who might be very critical of themselves. It’s your job to help them love the photos not only because they look beautiful but because it is a memory that they will have forever)
  • Has a passion for photography and a true love for people.
  • General computer knowledge.
  • Committed, reliable and punctual. It is very, very important to me that you are where you say you will be, when you say you will be.
  • Has a vehicle to get to and from appointments.

Pay will be either $15 for the hour appointment or 10% of the print sale, whichever is greater.
You will start being paid after the initial few training appointments.
You are welcome to join me on any of my photography sessions to observe and learn how I conduct my sessions. (this will be at your discretion and not paid)
Local to Menifee and Lake Elsinore preferred.

I am really excited to see if this works out, I think it would be great for someone in high school or college looking to learn photography.
If you are interested in this position please email me a little bit about yourself and any experience you have in the requirements that I am asking for at


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