Baby number three :: Andrea Siepker

carlsbadmaternity_1274You just have to go and read THIS post from last December.
If you don’t feel like it, I’ll give you the quick version.
I loved the photos so much that they took the previous year,
and then I loved last year’s even more
that I wondered how we would beat them this year.
I said the only way would be to add a baby.. a baby boy. (somewhat joking at the time)
Well… they listened and guess what.. She’s pregnant with number three,
and it’s a baby BOY!!

I am so very much in love with these photos,
Andrea is just one of those ladies,
beautiful while pregnant.
Try not to hate her because she’s gorgeous.
The weather was perfect, the sun was golden,
I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
I am going to go ahead and hold my comments,
if not I would tell you that I love every single one.
That would just be annoying.
So here are the million favorites that I have..
carlsbadmaternity_1280 carlsbadmaternity_1304 carlsbadmaternity_1316 carlsbadmaternity_1326 carlsbadmaternity_1345 carlsbadmaternity_1364 carlsbadmaternity_1368 carlsbadmaternity_1376 carlsbadmaternity_1387 carlsbadmaternity_1392 carlsbadmaternity_1396 carlsbadmaternity_1405 carlsbadmaternity_1406 carlsbadmaternity_1445carlsbadmaternity_1433 carlsbadmaternity_1431


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